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3-8, 2Chome Nishiki Nakaku Nagoya 460-8679 Japan

T (+81) 52-231-1251
F (+81) 52-232-7211

MORIRIN Co.,ltd.


Moririn is a Japanese Textile company, launched its business since  1662, starting out as a cotton broker also involved in sales of cotton  thread and textiles.

Now, we are in all stages of textile operations, from spinning  to weaving, knitting, dyeing and sewing, thereby advancing an  impressive scope of business activities.

As a “general textiles trading company” also possessing manufacturer  functions, we stand out on the strength of a supply system capable of  expertly addressing customer demands not only yarn but also fabric,  final garment.

We have been committed to develop our original yarns by bringing  out our over 350 years of experience.

In this exhibition, we’d like to introduce one of our unique yarn as follows:

◆Japanese Paper Yarn [KAMIITO] *NEW!!

◆For Sports Yarn [DRYMIX]

◆Deodorant Yarn [DEOCELL]

◆Eco-Conscious x Functional Yarns [ECOFUN]

And more…

We look forward to your visiting our booth with Japanese


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