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Yeni Yalova Yolu 12 km. 7. Asma sk. No:9 Alaşar Mevkii Osmangazi / Bursa • Turkey

T (+90) 224 3620179


Sales Manager: Natalia Maksymova • (+90) 532 490 29 31 •

Merdenik Fancy Yarns is manufacturer of all types of fancy yarns for upholstery, drapery fabrics and knitwear. Merdenik provides top of the line production with high tech machinery and upmost quality service. Our factory established in 2002 in Bursa, Turkey.

We produce top-quality fancy yarns by using most advanced production technologies and finest quality raw materials for our customers. Our professional technical team always improve our product range and aim at the customer’s needs.

Our production line are: Fancy yarns, Ecru yarn, Dyed and blended polyester yarn (space dyed as well), Polyester (FDY – DTY), Viscose yarn, Cotton yarn, Linen yarn, Cationic and blended fibers. We can produce fancy yarns from 0,5 Nm to 40 Nm. Our Fancy Yarns portfolio mainly includes varieties such as: S-Z Twist Yarns, Knop, Slub, Gimp, Boucle, Frise, Snarl, Noppe and Loop effects, Retardant fancy yarns, Recycled fancy yarns, MX folded yarns, Slub folding yarns, Nylon and polyester monoflaman folded yarns.

We can produce special fancy yarn as customer’s request. Our aim is to produce quality fancy yarns at competitive prices with an ontime service.

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