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Cedid Ali Paşa Mah. Seymen Yolu, 57/D · Marmara Ereğlisi · Tekirdağ · Turkey

T (+90) 282 6111015
F (+90) 282 6111016


Regenerated Cotton Blended Colored Yarn; NE 6/1 to NE 24/1 are produced in different numbers. The blends consist of Cotton Polyester as well as customer requirements. Apart from the cartels that offer rich color options, special colors demanded by customers can be provided. Kale İplik is also known with the continuity of the ordered yarn without the dyeing process. The order quantity per color is minimum 1,000 kg and also up to 5 times folding twist is also produced.

Kale Yarn A.S. With the knowledge and experience gained, Kale İplik A.Ş. In 2012, it decided to invest in Ring facility and for this purpose, KIRKLARELİ O.S.B. purchased a land of 106.000 m2 and made the investment for the first stage ring facility with a closed area of ​​20.000 m2. The Modern Facility, which produces Ring Yarn by blending the world’s most precious fibers with the most advanced techniques in the first stage ring facility with a total of 32,000 spindles, started its production as of May 2014. Special blended yarns are produced in raw color in our ring factory. In addition, our technical yarn production started 1 year ago and the production of Modacrylic blended yarns was started.

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