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M Type yarn

Unreinforced M type silvery thread, cut into flat strips at various widths, coated on both sides with epoxy and aluminum protection, and produced from 100% polyester or nylon film with various micron thicknesses. There are also yarns produced by cutting uncoated transparent and mother-of-pearl plastic films into flat strips.

MX type yarn

Metallic yarn in different widths and micron thicknesses, produced by reinforcing flat strips obtained by cutting polyester or nylon film at various widths with 2 pieces of preferably 20 denier monofilament or nylon or polyester yarn in different denieres.

Fancy Yarn

Fancy yarn is a type of yarn that is different from the classical yarn structure, produced by giving different effects by changing the raw material, production and material properties, and containing decorative irregularity in terms of color and/or form.

Fancy yarns are yarn types that are produced in different forms according to the fashion of the day, with a predominant appearance and aesthetic aspect besides the yarn structure.

The development of the textile industry has led people to obtain different textile textures over the years.

In order to obtain fabrics with more visual features, fancy yarns with different structures that cannot be compared with normal yarns have been developed. Fancy threads have long remained a special part of the textile industry, as they were produced on special orders, and have been produced for centuries mostly for decorative purposes.

These yarns are generally used in a small part of textile structures.

In recent years, the positive effects of technological developments and the innovations brought by the competitive environment have played an important role in making a breakthrough in this sector.

Since it is late for this newly developing industry branch to receive sufficient attention, the researches on this subject have mostly been on the own products of the factories and their own machines.

Fancy yarns offer a wide variety as people’s imagination is relevant.

In other words, the fact that colors and shapes can be used as much as desired shows how extensive the research of even just one yarn type will be.

Fancy yarn types that are frequently used today are loop, loop, pile, knot and flat yarns.

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