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Tokyo Toranomon Global Square 11th floor, 1-3-1 • Toranomon, Minato-ku • Tokyo 105-0001 • Japan

T (+81) 3-5251-8579
F (+81) 3-5251-8577


Sales Manager: Mr. Fumitoshi Fujiwara

HighChem is a specialized trading company in the chemical field, currently evolved to one of the leading C1 chemical* company in the world. R&D capability coupled with patent/technology acquisitions, we are expanding our business from mere chemical supplier to a chemical solution provider for multiple industries including fiber/textile, resin, battery, renewable energy industries. We are dedicated to the development and market expansion of new materials, including biodegradable materials such as HIGHLACT ® (Polylactic Acid).

HIGHLACT ® is a Polylactic Acid (PLA) fiber derived from corn. HighChem, with its robust and innovative capabilities, has successfully engineered yarns (spun/filament) and knits, demonstrably capable of withstanding the rigors of practical utilization in the apparel industry. HIGHLACT® has found considerable application and recognition across a diverse range of brands with its unique feature, contributing carbon minimum by photosynthesis, biodegradability in compost condition, antibacterial property, and biocompatibility without chemical agents.

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