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Tokyo Toranomon Global Square 11th floor, 1-3-1 • Toranomon, Minato-ku • Tokyo 105-0001 • Japan

T (+81) 3-5251-8579
F (+81) 3-5251-8577


Sales Manager: Mr. Fumitoshi Fujiwara

HighChem is a specialized trading company in the chemical field, serving as a “bridge between Japan and China”. Across various sectors including functional chemicals, life sciences and electronic materials. We have established offices throughout China and maintain bases in North America and Europe.  Additionally, we are actively involved in the development of carbon recycling technologies based on C1 chemical technology. We engage in licensing businesses, as well as the manufacturing and sales of catalysts. Furthermore, we are dedicated to the development and market expansion of new materials, including biodegradable materials.

We had started apparel related business focusing on biodegradable materials from 2021.  We developed PLA (Poly-Lactic Acid) as one of solution for sustainability. The brand HIGHLACT®, which is made of corn-derived PLA with special agents, has unique features of (1) bio-degradability in compost condition, (2) CO2 reduction due to photosynthesis and (3) antibacterial property without additional chemical agents.

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