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Organize San. Bölgesi 102.Cadde No : 93 • Uşak • Turkey

T (+90) 276 266 75 53
F (+90) 276 266 75 55


Sales Managers: Tekin TİRİTOĞLU +90 536 331 58 68
Italy and Europe Sales Manager: Luigi Perna ; +39 345 211 30 26 

In 1982, with the production of straygarn wool yarn in the textile industry Gülçağ Tekstil San. Tic. Ltd. Sti. In 2002, it made investments in the direction of open-end spinning for the production of regenerated yarn in a closed area of ​​10.000 m² in Uşak Organized Industrial Zone. Today, with its technological investments, Gülçağ Textile takes its place among the leading companies in the sector with its cotton, polyester, cotton, acrylic and polyester blended yarn production in different numbers.

With the 100% environmental approach, we contribute to the nature by recycling an annual average of 3000 tons of textile waste in the production of regenerated yarns. Gülçağ Textile has established Tekdamla Marketing Company in order to expand its export market and has reached an important point in the market. Countries we export to include Germany, Italy, Greece, Bulgaria, Spain, Poland, Finland and Portugal.

Recycling of textile wastes into yarns by converting them into yarns, directing the agricultural areas used for cotton to different agricultural activities, causing these pollution to be disposed by methods such as incineration, burying in soil, causing environmental pollution, harmful substances in chemicals used in cotton production it contributes to environmental problems such as contamination of groundwater, and this has become the primary responsibility of our work.

With the awareness of environmental responsibilities, Gülçağ Textile reduces the use of natural resources with its R & D and technology investments, and especially serves to domestic and foreign manufacturers operating in textile and clothing sector (carpets, upholstery fabrics, curtains, socks, circular knits, woven fabrics, etc.). It serves.

The marketing of the products we produce abroad is our foreign marketing company, TEKDAMLA PAZARLAMA TEKSTİL SAN. TIC. LTD. ŞTİ. As a company that follows the technology from the very first establishment, constantly renewing and developing itself, we protect the nature, customer satisfaction and quality production by our principle, professional staff, we serve the sector.

GÜLÇAĞ OPEN-END: Recycled Cotton / Polyester, Cotton / Acrylic and special blended Cotton / Polyester / Wool / Acrylic yarns in our Open-End facility in Usak Organized Industrial Zone; we produce yarns, knitwear, home textiles and weaving industry.

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