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Acıdere OSB Gaziler Cad. No:8 Sarıçam • Adana • Turkey

T (+90) 322 359 75 06
T (+90) 322 359 75 53


Sales manager: Mehmet Yildiz • (+90) 533 335 96 69

Erbey Yarn Spinning Company ranks high among the largest producers of various types of yarn.
With approved international standard compliance certificates, Erbey Yarn Spinning Company is a subsidiary of Atlas Denim Enterprises Co., Inc. Our vision, In the Textile Sector; is to become a leader in the world market and maintain its leadership by growing, to make the region we operate in the center of the textile industry. Our mission is to add value to the individuals who make up society by adopting the principles of quality, sustainability, occupational health, and safety while following international standards in our facilities with integrated and modern technology.

Erbey Yarn’s monthly production capacity is +5.000.000 kg in total with 24 conventional ring, 4 oe, 18 compact ring on carded and combed production lines, also 4 texturing machines.
The manufacturing plants can produce ring yarns, carded, straight, slub, core-spun on conventional, combed and carded straight, slub on compact; open-end yarns with carded straight, slub, and polyester textured yarns at 4 different enterprises.

The general production specifications are as follows:
• The carded ring yarn plants have a capacity of 50 tons/day of carded ring yarn production from Ne5 to Ne30 thickness rating.
• The open-end yarn plant, carded open-end yarn can be produced with a capacity of 50 tons/day from Ne6 to Ne30 thickness rating.
• At the combed compact yarn plant, combed compact yarn can be produced with a capacity of 23 tons/day from Ne16 to Ne40 thickness rating.
• The textured yarn plant has a capacity of 50 tons/day with additional new investment and can produce between 75 and 600 deniers.
• The dual-core yarn can be produced from Ne6 to Ne20 thickness rating.
• The core-spun yarn can be produced from Ne8 to Ne24 thickness rating.

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