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Via Dr. Silvio Albini, 1 • 24021 Albino BG • Italy

T (+39) 035 777111

ICA YARNS (I Cotoni di Albini S.p.A.)

Commercial Director: Francesco Bianchetti • M (+39) 348 280 3236

ICA Yarns (I Cotoni di Albini S.p.A.) is the Albini Group company that produces yarns for the furniture, clothing, sportswear and underwear industries and in general for sectors that require a high-end product. The company differs for the direct control of the cotton and its processing, carried out in owned or directly controlled spinning plants. The proposal is rich in excellent raw materials: from the precious Sea Island to the ELS Giza 87 and Giza 45, up to the exclusive SUPIMA® Organic and SUPIMA® Organic from REGENERATIVE CULTIVATION.

For the F/W 25/26 collection, ICA Yarns proposes new articles made with the precious Sea Island and Supima® cottons blended with noble animal fibres such as Vicuna, Baby Cashmere, Extrafine Wool and Cashmere. Also noteworthy is the expansion of the proposal in the Supima® and Seta blends on unique, twisted and gassed yarns and the creation of new articles in Biofusion – Italian Selection, the traceable, organic cotton grown in Italy.

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