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Via Scarpettini, 346 · 59013 Montemurlo PO  · Italy

T (+39) 0574 790655
F (+39) 0574 791765


Sales Manager: Rossella Covelli

“Comistra is our history, our world for 4 generations.”

The pioneer of this wonderful adventure was Alfredo Tesi in 1920 was already active in the regenerated wool industry, passing on the valuable experience to his son Rolando who founded COMISTRA in 1951.

In the 1980s, with grandchildren Fabrizio and Cinzia, major investments were made in technology and development. Even today, the family continues to be the beating heart of the company, which, with love and passion, has added yarn and fabric production to the usual marketing of raw materials.

Turning waste into a resource, making recycled and sustainability our core business .

Internally we have a water puller plant that allows us to transform post-consumer and pre-consumer materials into high quality raw materials. At a time in history when eco-sustainability is so important, Comistra wants to see its production process recognized as an example of low environmental impact.

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