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Via Milano, 160 · 13856 Vigliano Biellese BI · Italy

T (+39) 015 7001
F (+39) 015 700252


Direttore Commerciale: MICHELE CALVI

Zegna Baruffa Lane Borgosesia has established itself over the years as a leading European company for the production of high quality natural yarns for weaving, knitting, Jersey. The Company’s constant research gives top priority to the Cashwool® invention at the beginning of 1970. This is the company’s leading product, now available in a range of about 300 colors in stock service.

The company produces precious yarns Carded and Combed, Classic and Fancy, Performance yarns, made only in natural and noble fiber blends. The whole cycle is produced within 3 factories and here, millions of kilograms of yarn are produced by the three brands (BARUFFA, CHIAVAZZA, BOTTO POALA) every year, carrying with them just one great value: real Italian excellence.

Baruffa” has always been the most representative brand of yarn for knitwear. In this Collection of classics, fancy and high performance yarns, are all important Combed yarns in the history of our products including Cashwool® and Mousse.

The “Chiavazza” the line sums up the historical legacy of the “Filatura di Chiavazza”. Under this brand are carded yarns of the highest quality and the pure Cashmere.

The “Botto Poala” collection expresses the most advanced concept of research and Innovation of the Group, and takes the form of an extensive range of exclusive yarns and fine counts.


Since the beginning of its history, the Company has embarked on a sustainable path: from 1906 to 1911 it was awarded with the prizes for “social works” and for “social hygiene”.

Today like yesterday, the Company shows a total commitment to production transparency and 360-degree corporate sustainability, using only green electricity and applying, since 2019, the Chemical Management 4Sustainability protocol through the MRSL ZDHC  on the entire production process. To demonstrate this concrete commitment, the Company has published  four certified Sustainability Reports (GRI Standards). The latest two editions also explain the Zegna Baruffa’s ability to meet 15 of the 17 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

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