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Charming in graphics, easy to use, always available, constantly updated: this is ‘e-Filo: 365 Days of Yarns’ (, the Filo’s marketplace that has been launched during the 56th edition.

Among many innovations carried out during the 56th Filo edition, the most meaningful one for its development’s potential deals with the launch of ‘e-Filo: 365 Days of Yarns’. The project has been specifically designed for Filo and it has been created according to companies’ specific needs. The result is a smart platform, very easy to use, through simple and immediate search keys. ‘e-Filo: 365 Days of Yarns’ has been accepted with enthusiasm by exhibitors and few days after its launch, it has already stirred up the curiosity of the buyers, as proven by first data available on accesses.

The platform is totally free for exhibitors, and it enables you to be constantly updated about innovations available for buyers.

Entering ‘e-Filo: 365 Days of Yarns’ and discovering the whole world of yarns proposed by Filo and its exhibitors is very easy, just click here

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