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Filo is the International Exhibition of yarns for orthogonal weaving (clothing and furniture), and circular knit weaving and for technical textile.

The event takes place twice a year, in February and September in Milan at MiCo – Milano Convention Centre. Filo ( is a two-days BtoB exhibition.

Filo is the only International exhibition organized in Italy specifically designed for top-end weaving yarns.

In the last editions of Filo the exhibitors have been about 100: 70% Italian and 30% foreigns.

The visitors are represented by manufacturers of fabrics for clothing, for furniture, and circular knitwear and mainly by technical staff, designers and product engineers; the number of visitors is constantly increasing: about 33% of them are foreign coming from Europe and Asia – Japan and Korea in the first place. The entrance at the fair is free but reserved to operation people.

The entrance to the fair is free but reserved for professionals with accreditation on the website.

The goal of Filo is to present itself as a crucial and unique event in the International framework of high-tech textile fairs.

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