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Industria Italiana Filati

Dream e Young for Tex by Industria Italiana Filati

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The collection TEX by Industria Italiana Filati shown at the 49th edition of Filo proposes 47 items in two lines: Dream and Young.

Tex by Industria Italiana Filati’s Dream is a line of yarns essentially composed of noble fibers such as super kid mohair, silk, extra fine wool, treated wool, cotton Egypt, baby alpaca and, absolut novelty, two yarns, 100% natural, in the pure sheepskin color range.Young, however, is a more fancy and young line; yarns with metallic, pearlescent, rubberized look, small neps, micro bouclé, printed yarns, worsted yarns to be treated and finished to obtain hairy fabrics, shiny / opaque yarns, small tweeds and various moulinés.The colors are solid and mélange. In addition to the classic and timeless gray/black, beige and blue, the color palette is brightened with female color shades.

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