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Ecotec: a range of blends for winter in cotton and recycled fibers

Ecotec, the production technology developed by Marchi & Fildi, allows to create new yarns with a contemporary twist, starting from pre and post consumers textile leftovers and plastic waste.

The Ecotec by Marchi & Fildi capability to get sustainable yarns with several fibres and blends has given birth to the cotton-blends qualities Polaris, Pegasus, Pop Special, Pop Slub, Fusion and Fifty. They have different percentages of recycled material and they are proposed in their fall/winter version. Starting from this season the article Fusion is included in the Ecotec range. The qualities Matisse and Lambada, cotton blends for circular knitting use, complete the collection.
The whole Marchi & Fildi FW 21/22 collection is ready in stock service.


Biella, May 27 2020

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