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Cotonificio Olcese Ferrari new proposal is a selection of high-quality yarns made of milk fibre, a raw material made by adding the amino acids extracted from milk to a viscose solution.

The milk fibre – today rediscovered by Cotonificio Olcese Ferrari – was engineered in the 1930s thanks to the intuition of an Italian engineer, Antonio Ferretti. During the Fascist period, the heavy sanctions to which Italy was subject prevented from importing some important raw materials, including wool. In 1933 Mr Ferretti succeeded in separating the main milk protein, casein, making it spinnable and created Lanital, a product capable of replacing wool, mainly used for the production of underwear and yarns mixed with wool and cashmere. However, the milk fibre was soon replaced by cheaper raw materials, such as acrylic and other synthetic fibres born between the 1930s and 1940s. In recent years the growing attention to product safety and quality, even at the expense of price, has made it possible to focus again on milk fibre and to modify its production processes, giving this product new life, as the new collection by Cotonificio Olcese Ferrari shows.
For more information, you may visit soon the company website, completely renovated and almost ready for launch.


Biella, April 21 2021

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