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Con le mani | Episode V
Interview to Michelangelo Pistoletto, Cittadellarte
The “Apple Made Whole Again”, the “Venus of the Rags”, the “Third Paradise”: the three works by Michelangelo Pistoletto symbolize key issues, such as the interaction between humans and Nature.


Today, the 24th of February 2021, Filo should have opened its doors to the 55th edition. For the reasons known to all, this has not been possible. However, Filo wants to emphasise this day through the speech by Paolo Monfermoso, General Manager of Filo. This isthe first of a series of meetings which will lead us to the 56th edition of the exhibition scheduled for the 29th and 30th of September 2021.


Biella, February 24 2021

Maurizio e Rita Mancini – Tintoria Mancini

“Filo gave a strong signal for re-starting, that this sector needed. The edition resulted to be very positive, at Filo we have met lots of our clients, who are exhibitors too. As dyeing mill, we are strongly committed in spreading the concept of sustainability, that in Biella’s territory is particularly virtuous. And we are doing it with our campaign #aspassoconlapecora (#goingoutwiththeship), which aims at making people understanding the production process of wool, whose dyeing is an essential step. There is a lot of diffidence towards dyeing mills; people think that these processes are particularly polluting, while people working in Italy comply with severe rules. We are personally focused on a production process that allows us to give back to the nature what we take from it.”

Anna Garavaglia – Annitex

“We are strongly satisfied; buyers’ visits were continuous along the two days of fair. We are happy with the new location: personally, I really liked the natural light distinguishing the previous location, but here at MiCo there are areas which result to be perfect for exhibiting companies. Our company proposes cotton yarns and natural fibres, dyed and fancy ones, single, twisted, compacted, gassed, mercerized and crêpe ones for knitting weaving and orthogonal weaving. The whole production is carried out in Italy and it is absolutely traceable.”

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