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51st edition of Filo: presentations in Biella, Prato and Milan

51st edition of Filo: presentations in Biella, Prato and Milan

Today, on December the 10th, the road-show for the presentation on the 51st edition of Filo, the yarns and fibres exhibition, starts. The meeting is scheduled at 10.30 within the Sala Valletto of the Unione Industriale Biellese (via Torino 56).
The road-show will continue tomorrow on December the 11th in Prato (at 2.30 p.m. – Sala Convegni – Chamber of Commerce of Prato – Via del Romito 71). The last stop will be in Milan on Thursday the 13th of December (at 10.30 – Sala Chagall – Palazzo delle Stelline –Corso Magenta 61).

The road-show for the presentation of Filo represents an eagerly awaited event since it is an undeniable opportunity to have a direct meeting between companies and organisers in different Italian textile districts.
Paolo Monfermoso, responsible for Filo, states: “With the September edition of Filo, we celebrated a very important milestone, the 25 years of Filo’s activity, in the awareness that during this quarter century Filo ‘has grown up’, as Carlo Piacenza, president of the Unione Industraile Biellese, summarized. In other words, Filo has been able to build a clear and acknowledged role, that is recognised at an international level, especially thanks to its exhibitors.
To maintain this role, however, we must continue offering the companies tools of growth and we must do so in a context that is changing ever more rapidly. Starting from February 2019, with the 51st edition, the task of Filo is therefore to become even ‘bigger’. This means continuing a path of growth that aims at increasing the number of exhibitors – as well as the one of visitors – without distorting the essence of the fair, that is to say by keeping intact the very high-quality profile that is an essential feature of the Exhibition. On the other hand, our aim is also to widen the offer in order to provide visitors with a view as complete as possible of the supply chain, at least in its upstream segments, for example through the arrival among the exhibitors of some dyeing mills and ennoblement companies. This is a choice that has already given significant results and that testifies our commitment in promoting and strengthening the Made in Italy textile supply chain”.
Mr Monfermoso add: “Our growth effort, while remaining faithful to our characteristics, is also made possible by long-standing collaborations, with ITA Agency, first of all, with Sistema Moda Italia and Milano Unica: in their different roles and functions, they help us making Filo even more international and rich in proposals”.

A large part of the meetings in Biella, Prato and Milan for the presentation of the 51st Filo edition is dedicated to the presentation of product development’s proposals carried out by Gianni Bologna, responsible for creativity and style of the Exhibition, that are entitled “Dissonance”.
Gianni Bologna explains that: ‘The product development proposals for the 51st edition of Filo start from a juxtaposition that is increasingly present in our daily life: on one hand, the need for strength in the condition of harsh competition in and out of the workplace that brings us to develop aptitudes for fighting which are increasingly draining and selective; on the other hand, the growing ambition to calm, the desire of taking a step backwards, the desire of ‘retreating’, that is however difficult to carry out. As far as textile material is concerned, both themes have been developed according to discord and contraposition referred to hereinabove and to sharp contrasts to the juxtaposition and to huge contrasts, within the search for hybrids, overlapping, different depths in aesthetic contents, in materials and colours”.
The 51st edition of Filo will be held on the 27th and 28th of February 2019 at Palazzo delle Stelline in Milan.

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