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“One Way Tickets” for the 55th edition of Filo

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Re-creating, Re-thinking, Re-starting: these are the three key words chosen to define the product development proposals elaborated for the 55th edition of Filo, under the title “One Way Tickets”. The proposals were presented during the webinar organized by Filo.

The product development proposals identified for the 55th edition of Filo by Mr. Gianni Bologna (Filo’s creativity and style supervisor) are divided into three sections.
The first one – Re-creating – is inspired by artistic craftmanship and by the “do-it-yourself” logic, partially by the “certainties of the recent past” as well as by those imperfections which are based on a sophisticated naturalness mainly expressing spontaneity.
The second section – Re-thinking – alludes to simplicity and measure, in the belief that if you have to be competitive, it is better to practice in a more productive field, maybe the one of the intrinsic quality and the conscious and durable consumption.
The third section – Re-starting – is dedicated to a style which is neither sportswear nor formal or elegant. It is something halfway: it is a hybrid which uses urban sportswear comfort blending it with sophisticated lines and materials for “special occasion” formal garments.
The product development proposals, with the presentation by Gianni Bologna, can be appreciated and analyzed on the Filo website, on the dedicated page.


Biella, December 16 2020

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