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At FiloHappening “think future”

The 44th edition of Filo, opening today at the Palazzo delle Stelline, is indeed forward-looking.

By definition, the future is introjected in the yarns on display, which will be turned first into fabrics and then into garments or furnishing textiles. Just as much steeped in the future is the activity of the businesses, especially of the ones exhibiting at Filo, which are committed to constant innovation and research aimed at creating products which not only meet market demands, but often anticipate them.

Building on these reflections, Filo has chosen for the 44th edition FiloHappening the theme “Think future” in the Italian textile and fashion system. The speakers at the roundtable were Marilena Bolli, president of Unione Industriale Biellese; Silvio Albini, outgoing president of Milano Unica; Roberto Luongo, general director of Ice Agency – Rome; Claudio Marenzi, president of Sistema Moda Italia. The event scheduled for today 30 September, at 5 p.m., at the FiloLounge.

The discussion will be introduced by Marilena Bolli, who affirmed: “The 44th edition of Filo is inspired by Leonardo da Vinci, with the exhibition that unveils still hidden aspects of the Last Supper and the interesting Leonardesque installations in the Magnolia Cloister at the Palazzo delle Stelline, which in previous editions hosted our stands. Leonardo is undoubtedly a source of inspiration for us, the manufacturers of the made in Italy, for his ability of imagining the future and giving it concrete shape. After all, this is what we are trying to do every day in our companies”.

Marilena Bolli also focuses on the economic situation of the textile industry: “The future ahead of the textile system seems today more optimistic – for the Biellese district this has been confirmed also by the figures on weaving and spinning sectors in the second quarter of the year. But the international situation is still exposed to a number of uncertainties, and in Italy as well it is necessary to avoid acting rashly to the detriment of the first positive signs emerged in these months – above all, if we want that these signs may turn into a real economic recovery capable of providing new employment opportunities. Insofar as this part concerns the political side, the companies – and in particular the textile ones – must respond with product quality, research and innovation. Focusing on these concepts, which make Italian products unique and inimitable, the companies can aim at reaching out foreign markets, also backed by trade fairs. And the first edition of Filo Shanghai, to be held on 13-15 October in collaboration with Milano Unica, is a practical example of this ability to promote the internationalization of companies. We are particularly satisfied with this initiative also because it shows the strength of the Italian textile chain and its ability of working together as a system when the objectives are clear and defined, and there is an active support from the institutions, as in this case from the Ministry of Economic Development”.

After the brief round-table, the discussion continued in a more friendly atmosphere at the cocktail party that closed the evening.

Biella, 30 september 2015

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