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At Filo60 the Good, Healthy, Clean, Fair, and Durable textile by Slow Fiber

The fil rouge of the 60th edition of Filo is the “Good, Healthy, Clean, Fair, and Durable” textile. The number of companies belonging to the textile industry which share the need to commit themselves in favour of a textile production generating a limited environmental impact and respecting workers’ rights and wellness is increasing.

Filo has often been the mouthpiece of these commitments and their resulting daily habits, as proved by the FiloFlow project. For its 60th edition, Filo is now giving space and voice to Slow Fiber, an innovative initiative born to foster a productive and cultural change within the textile industry, making it more sustainable, and encouraging a more conscious and responsible consumption through the creation of a companies’ network along the textile supply chain.

Dario Casalini, founder of Slow Fiber, will talk to the audience about its principles and objectives during the

Opening Ceremony – Wednesday, September the 20th, at 10 a.m.
The “Good, Healthy, Clean, Fair, and Durable” textile: Slow Fiber

Allianz MiCo-Milan – Via Gattamelata – GATE 16

Slow Fiber has created a growing network of Italian textile companies which, through their work, are proving that is possible to create products for apparel and furnishings industries that are not just beautiful and healthy, but also clean, since the environmental impact of production processes is limited, and fair, since they comply with workers’ rights. Precisely to underline these shared concepts and make them effective through textile products, Filo has reserved a space for Slow Fiber within the Sustainability Area.

Dario Casalini, founder of Slow Fiber, states: “We can no longer defer the development of a new model giving the same value to the process through which the products are made as to their aesthetics and functionality. The satisfaction of a need expressed by the community today only allows responses and solutions that are good, healthy, clean, right, and durable along the whole production supply chain, and these values should be expressed and represented in the textile finished products.”

Paolo Monfermoso, responsible for Filo, concludes: “In their different roles, Filo and Slow Fiber share fundamental goals for the textile industry. The willingness to create ‘Good, Healthy, Clean, Right, and Durable’ textile products is indeed enhancing the best qualities of Italian manufacture, summarised in the concept of “Beautiful and well done” which Filo has always put in the foreground. It is not by chance that many companies belonging to Slow Fiber Network are Filo’s exhibitors: they will be easily recognizable within the Salon.”

The 60th edition of Filo takes place on the 20th and the 21st of September 2023 at Allianz MiCo – Milan Convention Centre (via Gattamelata 5).

Biella, September 2023

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