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A new Federation with a turnover accounting for 90 billion

The formula of ‘team-working’ find a working example in the Italian fashion system: a new Federation will start in March, gathering Smi companies (Sistema Moda Italia), Assocalzaturifici (shoe factories’ association), Aimpes (Associazione Pellettieri – leather goods’ producers association) and Anfao (Associazione Fabbricanti Articoli Ottici – optical products’ makers association). The total amount of the turnover of the industry accounts for more than 90 billion euro, second only to the mechanical engineering industry in Italy.

Smi, Assocalzaturifici, Aimpes and Anfao will not disappear, but they “will form a new federation to increase their power”, as Claudio Marenzi, president of Smi, has highlighted. He also added that “After the agreement to gather all fairs and fashion shows in only ten days in September, this step represents one more fundamental element for sector’s competitiveness”.

The new Federation springs from the work of the Committee for fashion and Italian accessory, but for the four associations participating in Confindustria, this is also the “first initiative which adopts totally the Pesenti reform, aiming at ‘being more important’ to face common problems”, as Marenzi has reaffirmed.

Biella, 25 january 2017

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