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A ‘Luxury revolution’ for Filo

The roadshow presenting the 46th edition of Filo has been a success: in Biella, Milan and Prato both exhibitors and professionals of the textile system had the opportunity to know in advance the initiatives and strategies of the exhibition that will be held in Milan on the 28th – 29th of September 2016. However, the core of the three meetings was the presentation of product development proposals, in the 46th edition of Filo dedicated to the ‘Luxury revolution’.

‘Luxury revolution’ is the title summarizing the product development proposals carried out by Gianni Bologna for the 46th edition of Filo. Obviously, it is a ‘revolution’ arising from the solid roots of the Italian textile industry and it has, as pre-requisite, the belief that any ‘story’ or ‘evolution’ is in any case a sequence of little revolutions. Changes and innovations which bring today luxury and ‘high end’ products to have thousand different facets, which have been summarized within the stylistic proposals of Filo in four main themes (they, in turn, are subdivided in further sub-themes): The theatre of Luxury, Luxury by chance, Overdoing and Luxury towards future. Macro-trend, textile themes and colour card, together with the video describing them, are available on Filo website at

Biella, 29 june 2016

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