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54th edition of Filo: the new “Business services and accessories Area”

Press Release

The success of a company is certainly based on its ability to create a quality product. But this is not enough, companies need a series of services that precede, flank and follow the actual production: machinery, accessories, packaging, shipping materials, promotion and advertising.

Precisely with a view to offering more and more concrete work tools to participating companies, for its 54th edition, Filo has decided to open a new section: the “Business services and accessories Area”.
The exhibiting and visiting companies can find in the new section concrete and effective solutions for all those activities that accompany textile production: from the creation of websites to the printing of advertising material, from special machinery to packaging materials, from labels to trimmings.

Below you can find the list of companies that have so far adhered to Filo’s “Business services and accessories Area”.

Forza Giovane Art describes itself as a “source of ideas to change and beautify the world of embroidery”. Craftmanship and research, experimentation and innovation allow the company to design and realize decorations, accessories, ribbons and trimmings able to offer unique emotions to customers.
Mendizza has been working in the industrial humidification sector for more than thirty years. Thanks to its decades of experience, the company can solve any negative situations for textile productions, which occur in the presence of days without natural relative humidity.
Met Manifattura Etichette Tessute based in Biella, the company produces jacquard labels and tapes since 1965. The Biella textile tradition of high quality weaving together with the most modern high-tech machinery join to give eco-sustainable high-quality products.
OrangePix is a Web Agency specialising in the development of web solutions that integrate technology and design for an effective online presence. With more than 15 years of experience, the company drives the client in the creation of websites, e-commerce, apps, software, clouds and web marketing projects.
P.M.I. Stampi e Stampaggio is specialized on injection and compression moulding of thermoplastic materials and rubber, especially designed for mass production of technical parts.
Ramplast produces polyethylene films for packaging. Rolls, plastic bags and innovative technical films for particular uses. Flexible and dynamic, the company is able to carry out even medium-small customized supplies in a very short time.
T.C.P. Engineering works in the fields of consultancy, education and training for chemical, textile and process engineering. Moreover, the company provides assistance services for the development of processes and products, innovation and problem solving. In 2020 the company opened its own lab for tests.
Tipolitografia Botalla was founded in Gaglianico (Biella) in 1948 and offers a wide range of printing services. Thanks to the great experience gained in the sector, combined with investments in cutting-edge machinery, the company is able to respond to the needs of businesses and individuals throughout the country.

The 54th edition of Filo will take place at Mico – Milan Convention Centre on the 7th and the 8th of October 2020.
To enter the Exhibition, it is absolutely necessary to register online by the 30th of September, at the dedicated page on the website It will not be possible to register directly on arrival to the fair.

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