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52nd edition of Filo: comments by exhibitors

The comments of the exhibitors at the end of the 52nd edition of Filo confirm the satisfaction for the work done during the two day of the exhibition.

Vincenzo Caneparo from Davifil: “The opinion on these two days of Filo is positive. The number of visitors is in line with the trend of previous September’s edition. Our company proposes a wide range of products, each of them is characterised by quality; we also propose recycled yarns and for some years, we have been working on non-dyed waste wool, which gave interesting results. We have participated in FiloFlow, since we are particularly conscious about the issue and we have been investing for some years to reach an increasingly sustainable production process“.

Francesco Della Porta from Pozzi Electa: “Our company is strongly focused on innovation and clients visit us looking for new articles, which at this stage refer especially to sustainability. Therefore, we have noticed high interest for our recycled, polyester and cotton yarns. We have laid down the basis for a new project of a biodegradable polyamide/polyester yarns. To summarise, our company is producing totally in Italy and through renewable energy plants: for us, indeed, sustainability is a concrete and very serious commitment“.

Paolo Rossi from Zegna Baruffa Lane Borgosesia: “Filo is a unique fair in the trade fair panorama. We have received a high visitors’ flow, especially during the first day and especially coming from foreign countries, the US and UK mainly. Clients are looking for fine yarns: wool and silk, wool-silk-linen and cashmere“.

Annalisa Garizio from Marchi e Fildi: “Especially during the second day, we have registered a significant clients’ flow, well distributed along the whole day. From our side, we continue to do research and innovation, thanks also to our R&D pilot plant, since we are convinced that just by deeply renewing our collections and our way to produce, it is possible to consolidate our position in the market. This is obviously done without renouncing to our main principles, among them the quality of our products. The same applies to sustainability in textile industry: an increasing awareness of the issue in certainly welcome“.

Francesco Ferraris from Finissaggio e Tintoria Ferraris: “For us Filo represents an opportunity to discuss together with clients but also with people performing the same job. Not by chance, during the two days of Filo, our main clients – spinning or woollen mills – visited us. It seems interesting that the focus of the last two Filo editions was on sustainability: it is the reflection of a strong change in the market. Participating at Filo allows us to understand market needs and which are the most wanted products“.

Stefano Aglietta from Italfil states that: “This Filo edition has been in line with previous editions. There is a recovery in the request for high quality products, wanted by both Italian and foreign clients, especially from Northern Europe“.

Maurizio Mancini from Tintoria Mancini: “Filo is for us an important fair: here we meet all our clients, some of them are exhibitors too. It gives us the opportunity to talk with them in depth and better understand their needs, with products at hand. This edition performed very well, especially during the second day and especially as far as foreign buyers are concerned, coming from different European countries, from Netherlands to UK. Currently, clients ask for service and this puts the district at the centre, gives the potentiality of offering a complete range of solutions if companies work as a team“.

Dino Masso from Tintoria Finissaggio 2000: “Filo is for us a moment to evaluate the market. The trend of these two days is surely positive, with interesting contacts also with new potential clients. There have been many visitors, especially Italian. As far as sustainability is concerned, it is a concept we believe in, as we show through constant investments in our plant“.

Laura Mauri from Filatura Luisa: “Despite summer season isn’t the most significant one for us, we are really satisfied about this edition, we have contacted new potential clients. Among the visitors, there were many from France, UK, the US, Turkey and Korea. We have participated with enthusiasm in FiloFlow, whose philosophy we totally share“.

Alex Zanuto from Servizi e Seta: “The clients, which were mostly Italians, have focused their requests on products which meet some criteria of sustainability“.

Adolfo Marchetti from Iride: “A positive edition, the flow of buyers has been higher during the second day. We have registered visits from consolidated clients as well as from new ones. The interest for natural colouring is indeed growing, following the increasingly high commitment of downstream companies towards sustainable products and processes“.

Eric Lenard from UTT: “During this edition we have received many visits from different clients, especially Italian, but also coming from Japan, Spain, UK. And they were not only fabrics producers, but also circular knitwear ones. Therefore, a very positive edition“.

The 53rd Filo edition is scheduled on February 2020.


Biella, october 9th 2019

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