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2018: a positive performance for textile-apparel industry

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During the first quarter of 2018 the turnover of the companies belonging to textile-apparel industry has grown by +3.3% on average compared to the same period on 2017.

More in detail, during the first quarter of 2018, textile companies went beyond 7%, while the ones belonging to apparel-fashion industry registered +0.6%. The second quarter too performed positively, with +3.5%. From one hand, the ‘upstream’ marks a growth by +3.2%, while ‘downstream’ companies register a growth equal to + 3.6%. Data come from the economic survey of Centro studi di Confindustria Moda for Sistema Moda Italia and it has been carried out on a sample of companies belonging to the whole textile-apparel supplay chain. The results are the same according to companies’ estimations for the July-Septemebr 2018 period: the turnover of the sample should likely be around +3.9%, coming from +5.8% from ‘upstream’ and +2.8% from ‘downstream’.

The growth of Italian textile-apparel industry in 2018 has been once again driven by exports. According to available data from ISTAT (Italian National Institute of Statistics), during the first 7 mounths of 2018 it has registered a change acconting for +2.6%, exceeding 18.4% billion euro. Textile growth is equal to +1.9%, apparel industry reaches +3%. Therefore, from January to July 2018 the trade balance of Italian textile-fashion industry exceeds 5.7 billion euro, regustering an increase accounting for 165 million compared to January-July 2017 period.

Biella, 21 november 2018


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